Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Get Creative

Making music involves getting the creative juices flowing, and often this can be quite hard. Here are some tips to get creative and make some awesome stuff.

Try to Emulate Other Albums
If there is one album or artist in particular you like and would want to make the same style as him you might want to try to remake that album. Use the same chords, remake the vocals, whatever. Of course this could be considered plagiarism, but this will help you come up with new stuff. The best way to learn is to learn from people who are better than you.

Don't Force Anything
 Creativity doesn't work well when you're forced into it. Just let ideas flow out of you, never delete anything. This way you'll have more stuff to later use when you're stuck.

Smoke some mary jane
No explanation needed here.


  1. sometimes when you are forced or under a lot of pressure, it helps with creativity...

    it does for me anyway

    but cool post, ill keep watchin ur blog